Differences among famous medium density lace hair structures


seeking out a medium density lace hair gadget? here are traditional and popular styles and they may be Crius and Simois. What are the differences among them?

Crius guys's half of Wig

Crius has male lace front inside the center and 1.5'' poly in perimeter. With Crius, you handiest need to apply tape or glue onto the fringe and leave the lace in the center freed from tapes or glue. So this style may be very clean to paintings with and your scalp would not have a variety of strain from the tapes or glue and might breathe freely.

Crius has two sizes available and they may be 6.three''x9.four'' and eight''x10''. The reason why we offer sizes is because the poly in perimeter can not be cut off too much, in any other case, there can be no sufficient room for tapes. So it's far better to pick out a length that is closest for your size. so that you simplest need to make a little changes on the hair device base. additionally the smaller length is less expensive and can save you some money.

Simois Hair system for men

Simois may be very similar to Crius. Like Crius, french lace is the main material to make the bottom, so it's miles breathable and light. It additionally has poly inside the perimeter. however, Simois additionally has lace in the front hairline.

same as Crius, the poly in perimeter is most effective round 1'' extensive, so it can't be reduce off an excessive amount of. additionally Crius has two sizes available and they're 7''x9'' and eight''x10''. Please pick out the size this is near what you want.

same as Crius, you can simplest apply tape or glue onto the poly perimeter and leave the lace in the center component freed from tapes or glue. but, for the the front lace component, you want to attach it the use of tape or glue.

Medium Density Hair systems

One more aspect that both patterns percentage is they both have one hundred thirty% density hair which is medium density hair. So this density is greater for younger people at their 30s or less.

test underneath photographs to peer how these hair systems appearance in man or woman. additionally you could test how thick a 130% density appears.

difference between Crius and Simois

So the principle distinction among Crius and Simois is the front lace. Simois has lace hairline inside the the front at the same time as Crius has poly as the the front hairline. but, you can disclose your hairline with both styles and not using a trouble in any respect.

if you are a person who prefers a male lace the front hairline, then please pick out Simois. in case you decide on a poly or skin hairline, then pick Crius.

As you may see from above photograph, each have a totally natural the front hairline.

normally speaking, those two styles resemble with each different extra than the differences. both styles work without a doubt well for summer season or warm climate or in case you sweat lots. if you nonetheless have any questions, please feel unfastened to touch us at assist@lavividhair.com and our professionals will help you out.